2023 - Sophia Farinia

Sophia Farinia, Class of 2023 at James I. O’Neil High School, will be attending Siena College for a Bachelor’s in Nursing.

Melvin "Gato" Smith, Sophia Farina, Vickie "Ms. Vee" Williams

2022 - Kolongi Goins

Kolongi Goins, Class 0f 2022 at Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School, will be attending Mercy College for a Bachelors in Psychology.

Kolongi, family, Melvin "Gato" Smith

2021 - Jaiden Fuller

Jaiden Fuller, Class of 2021 at Hawthorne Christian Academy, will be attending University of Connecticut to study Orthopedics or Neurosurgery. 

Jaiden Fuller, Melvin "Gato" Smith

2019 - Imani Sumner

Imani Sumner, Class of 2019, will be attending Penn State University on a full scholarship.

Imani Sumner