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Vickie Williams
Vice President

Road Name: Ms. Vee

Ricardo Singleton

Road Name: Minister

Conrad Browne

Road Name: CB

Christopher Ambrose
Sgt. At-Arms

Road Name: Mongo

Kenneth Slade
Vice President

Road Name: Special K


Frank Austin

Road Name: Breezin

Melinda Barnes

Road Name: Foxxy

Gerard McKinnon

Road Name: Ghostrider

Daniel Hope

Road Name: Black

Derek Hickman

Road Name: Kip

George Ramsey

Road Name: Universal

Sherron Walker

Road Name: Ladybug

Darryl Sullivan

Road Name: Sully

Duane Ware

Road Name: Chief


William Greene

Road Name: Pops

Hello my name is William Greene. My riding name is “Pops.” I am the senior member of the chapter at 82 years, hence the name “Pops.”

My first experience with a two wheel motor vehicle came at age 12 when an older neighborhood friend “let me” ride his “Whizzer,” and I was bitten. We eventually became friends and he would often let me ride it… Thanks, Clyde.


I graduated from Aviation High School at 17 and enlisted in the USAF. At 19, I became a crew chief over three other Airmen, maintaining C118’s in MATS/SAC Support, ferrying troops to various locations. My permanent duty station while in the USAF was at McGuire AFB in New Jersey and being so close I got my driver’s license in NYS. At that time, all that was needed to ride a motorcycle was an “Unclassified Chauffer License” and during my time at McGuire, I was honorably discharged in 1963. For five years, I worked multiple jobs, including building F 105 at Republic Aviation, a Rodman in a Con Edison Surveying team, and an Auto Mechanic.

I am also a retired NYPD PO of 20 years, 3 months, and 17 days. In 1968, I took the test and was sworn in and appointed NYPD. My first three years I worked in an “undercover unit” BOSSI, after which I worked Harlem Precincts (28th, 32nd, 34th). I didn’t get a motorcycle endorsement for a “DMV license” until my 34th pct. assignment when I took the NYPD Highway course.

I retired from NYPD in 1988 and worked many different jobs, including Pan Am, Metro Media, and MCI World Com until each went out of business. During that time, my wife and I always rode either with close friends or local motorcycle groups (ie: Blue Knights, Cobra, Transit Wheeler, Imperials, Zodiacs, Fully Charge).

It was about at this time I decided to stop working for corporations and start doing something I would really enjoy and that would include motorcycles. By chance, I came across information about the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation), which was looking for experienced riders to complete an instructors course. I completed the course and am certified to teach the “Basic Rider” as well as the “Experienced Riders” course. Students, upon passing classes taught by me in MSF schools, are awarded a waiver bypassing DMV’s granting a MC license in every state.

I initially taught at MSS in Yonkers and Brooklyn for four years. When MSS started an additional site at Kingston Community College, I taught and managed that location, supervision three other instructors. I also taught at Bergan County Harley Davidson after getting certified by Harley Davidson to teacher “Riders Edge,” Harley’s version of MSF.

My initial involvement with Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Clubs came when I became a member of the Hudson Valley Buffalo Soldiers.


Kimberly Sullivan

Road Name: Journey

Rosalind Ramsey

Road Name: Nubia

Theresa Ware

Road Name: Lady T

Dasdy Jones

Road Name: Daz

Kevin Jones

Road Name: No Doubt