West Point M.C. History

The history, activities and goals of the West Point N.Y. Chapter of the National Association of the Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club (NABSTMC). 

The Chapter was established in 2013 as the third chapter in the State of New York and the 104th Chapter of the NABSTMC. The members of the chapter are from all walks of life. Our commonality is the love of riding motorcycles and dedicated to the history of the Buffalo Soldiers, 9th and 10th Cavalry, contributing to our community through charitable activities and supporting the goals of those who desire to pursue higher education. 

The Chapter supports many community service activities in the “Upstate New York Counties”; The back to school book bags and school supplies to Highland Falls NY students and the Center of Highland Falls, hosts a clothing drive for the community in support of the St. John’s Church in Nyack New York. We host an annual “Turkey Drive” with a goal of distributing a minimum of one hundred (100) turkeys-which are donated to the Highland Falls community by way of community outreach and the Innocents Episcopal Church in Highland Falls. Turkeys are distributed to families, dinners are served to Cadets and active duty soldiers stationed at the United States Military Academy, West Point, the on duty Highland Falls Police officers and dinners are delivered to members of the community who have limits of egress based on age or illness. 

Each year the Chapter selects by application and awards a scholarship to a qualifying High School Senior. Then submits that student’s application to the NABSTMC through the Northeast Frontier to compete for the National Scholarship. 

In 2019 the Chapter was honored by the “Hudson Valley Women’s Association and Friends, for people who made a difference in the community”. 

The West Point Chapter of the NABSTMC was honored by having a friend, Sgt. Sanders H. Matthews, a retired military veteran who served in the United States Army. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1939 and served in the 10th Cavalry a detachment of Buffalo Soldiers who were assigned to West Point, the then-segregated military academy. They were responsible for teaching the cadets how to ride horses and relegated to doing menial work across campus. Sgt Matthews was an Honorary Member of the West Point NY chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club. Sgt Matthews dream was to have a monument honoring the Buffalo Soldiers who served at West Point. Members of the West Point Chapter who were members of the Buffalo Soldiers Association of West Point (BSAWP) supported his effort. Members of the West Point Chapter and other Chapters of the NABSTMC raised funds for the Monument. Members of the West Point Chapter and the NABSTMC were also members of the Special Project Committee under the BSAWP that headed the efforts that successfully had a monument erected on Buffalo Soldier Field in the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

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